2 May 2011

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Denis worked most of the morning and we took off about lunch time, to head to Tucson, AZ. We enjoyed the country and it turned HOT 95 degrees, a little different than what we have been experiencing the last few days!

We got to our RV Park and Denis had a lot of e-mails to answer and a tele-conference, so we had dinner afterwards and watched the sun set and enjoyed ice cream on our Picnic bench, until about 8:30. The stars are very bright tonight and the sky I’d full. We will post pictures of today’s drive, in the next few days. Tomorrow we have a really nice day planned, and of course lots of pictures.

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30 April 2011

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Well, today we traveled down through Oak Creek Canyon and over to Sedona, AZ. We stopped a few times and Lisa took a lot of pictures, at those stops and along the way. Lisa had us stop at a place her sister Nola and she had stopped at 6 weeks before, to have breakfast. I didn’t believe her about this place (The Coffee Pot) but it was all true, from the fresh squeezed orange juice to the servers, to the restaurant itself, to the gift shop, the lines of people waiting to get in and the fun, friendly atmosphere, that was shared there. Take a look on the photo site for what a plate of food there looks like. We didn’t take a picture of the sides, but add four pieces of bacon, 2 slices of wheat toast, coffee and orange juice, to the picture and that is for just one person. This place has 101 omelets, fives pages of news paper size meals, line by line for breakfast and if that doesn’t suit you, then there is always their lunch menu.

Next we stopped at the Holy Church in the rocks, my gosh the beautiful red mountains, with all the greenery around this place was amazing. The church itself was small, but beautiful and you could see through the windows out into the valley. I lit a few candles for friends and family and we prayed for a while, then on to the gift shop and photo’s galore, of the church and the surrounding area.

Then off again, to Montezuma Castle, this is an indian ruin in which an whole village lived for hundreds of years (they are called the Singua Indians) and then they up and left it, like the Hopi indians in Walnut Canyon. It was just amazing and we stopped and talked to one of the volunteer rangers there, Ruth Williams who is an 81 year old that has been volunteering for 20 years, since her husband died. They built a new home and within 6 months he passed, she has been volunteering since, you would have not guessed that she was 81 years old. We stopped and talked with another ranger and he said that the professionals can not explain why a half dozen indian tribes of about 400 people each, just up and left their homes and then combined into a few other tribes and started living in different area’s, of AZ. We did ask, if the white man had anything to do with it and they say they don’t know.

We then headed up to the Montezuma well, to see more ruins. The weather was warm about 69 degree’s and sunny all day. We enjoyed ourselves and was able to get home to make dinner and play a few hands of cards, before retiring for the night.

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1 May 2011

Today we traveled to Peach Springs……believe it over not this is where Disney copied the movie “Cars”. We went into the Grand Canyon Caves. They are the 3rd largest dry caves and the inside was just great. They keep god storage for 2000 people, seems a bit odd, but because they do this the government has certificated them to be a fall out shelter. We went back to the RV and readied for the next days travel. Pictures are great!

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29 April 2011

Today was an early start, we had the dog at Doggie Daycare by 8:00 a.m., off to the Grand Canyon Railroad station, to check-in and wait was the wild west shoot out. By 9:15 we were boarding our first class railroad car. We were leaving the station at 9:30 and off on our 2 hour and 15 minute ride to the rim of the canyon. We were provided a nice breakfast and entertained by Red a Harmony player. After about an hour we started walking through all the other cars, they were all different styles and names and we really enjoyed the employee’s, they were friendly and full of information and they always had some kind of drink to offer (from coffee, soda, lemonade, strong drinks, water and milk).

Once we got there Lisa had a Grand Tour set-up, what a tour, the view just had no words, we did a lot of walking today, but it was worth it. We also got to see Elk and Antelope while out today. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long. The width of the canyon varies from 10 miles to 18 miles wide at some points. The park is over a million acres of land (1,218,375.54 acres to be exact) and it is 1904 square miles. The Grand Canyon became a park in 1919.

On our ride back home we were provided snacks and more entertainment by Dr. Tom, that played western songs from the 1940 to 1960’s on his guitar and sang, he was 74 years old. It was a great day, you can view our pictures on http://gallery.me.com/dmermod/100179

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28 April 2011

Today I worked most of the morning on different contracts. Lisa readied the inside of the RV, once this was done, we worked together to ready the outside. We headed west on I40 to Williams, AZ. That was about a 90 minute drive. We set-up camp, went over and got our tickets for the next day’s train ride and took care of Puddins doggie daycare, as we will be gone all day. Lisa and I went and had dinner and drinks over at the Doc Holliday saloon. It was a really nice evening and we hit the hay pretty early to ready for tomorrows event. You can view pictures on http://gallery.me.com/dmermod/100163

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27 April 2011

Today we are still based out of the Meteor Crater RV park, I worked most of the morning and into the early afternoon. Lisa had our next adventure heading west this time to a National park called Walnut Canyon. I had no idea what to expect and once we got there, the view was breath taking and then Lisa said, let’s hike down it is only 3 miles. I thought she was kidding, but off down the 240 stairs she went, down into the canyon. In 1180 to 1250, about 400 Hopi indians lived in the sides of the mountains in this area. There use to be a river winding around the canyons, allowing for great fishing, hunting and crops for this tribe, to glean, but since then a dam was put in and there is no water in the gorge.

It was very interesting that there were two layers with in this volcanic rock that had sand stone, that was easily removed and allowed for these indians to build homes. The National park had paved the path ways, but from what the forest rangers said, they were the natural walk ways that were left behind. Lisa’s Grandparents were archeologists for 5 different states, AZ state being one of them and back in the 60’s and early 70’s they volunteered for these assignments, so she got to go with them from time to time and this is one that she remembers from when she was about 7 or 8 years old.

There are places on the trail that there is no railing, and it was a straight down shot. You could look across the canyon and see more ruins. It was very interesting to say the least. Once we reached the end of the trail it was another 240 steps and path ways adding up to the 3 miles. Coming down Lisa did great, but going back up, well we stopped more than a few times, so she could catch her breath. A little age (41 years) and a little weigh can make all the difference in the world. :0) Once we got back up to the ranger station, we watched a video about this tribe. It wasn’t that they died out, it was that the food supply wasn’t fulfilling the needs of the amount that lived there, so they moved on. About 1880 is when the whole village was discovered by folks from back east, they brought in teams of people, none of them were scientist but all of them were treasure seekers and they robbed the village blinded. President Teddy Roosevelt declared that this area to be a National park and that no one would remove anymore from this site and it would be preserved for other future generations to come.

You can see the pictures at the following site: http://gallery.me.com/dmermod/100127

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26 April 2011

Well today Lisa and I weathered all the storms and went to our next adventure. We landed 30 miles east of Flagstaff, Az in an RV park called Meteor Crater. We set-up the RV, with in an hour, then Lisa and I went up to the meteor crater and took all the tours, visited all their displays and watched a video. The meteor is a mile across, 3 miles around and more than 550 feet deep. They say that the crater is large enough to accommodate two millions fans on the crater walls watching 20 football games being played in the craters floor. It was very impressive. The weather was good a bit windy, but we stuck to it and got some great pictures. Lisa had been here before and wanted me to see it, I was very surprised of it’s size and that it is owned by a rancher, that leases it out. Over all we had a good day. Lisa and I later that evening, because of no light pollution watched the stars. That in itself was amazing, the stars seemed brighter, larger and much closer.
You can see todays event pictures at: http://gallery.me.com/dmermod/100141

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25 April 2011

This evening we pulled in to New Mexico to make a quick bed down and few hours sleep. We left from Oklahoma and had a very nice drive to New Mexico.

It seemed like all around us there was terrible weather but the path we took kept us safe and dry. We would take a look at the North and South and see nothing but rain clouds and rain pouring down.

We stopped in Groom, TX and saw a fantastic set of biblical statues (called cross stations) which depicted the path that Jesus took from the city to the place where he was crucified. It was amazing, the figures were cast in bronze and they were lifelike (sized like you and I). They showed the amazing story of how Jesus was crucified and there was quite a bit of narrative on the bronze plaques for each station. If anyone is going to be in Northern Texas, this is a must see event. I will be putting the pictures up as I start to download them.

Form there it was a pretty boring ride (except when I started dozing and the truck lurched to the side of the road) until we got in to NM this evening. We got there late in the evening (I did some work from the office) and turned in late. Up early for the drive to AZ.

Getting better at driving the rig – we are practicing reversing and backup parking when we get to the truck stops.

You can see all the pictures up to todays events at: http://gallery.me.com/dmermod/100151

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24 April 2011

Wow !! This was a tough day – not only did we drive over 700 miles, but we did it while evading two tornadoes and some really freaky weather. We started off at 0530 this morning (I took care of all the logistics and Lisa did breakfast for us (so nice of her)).

Well, we got on the road and the weather was a bit misty and dark (as it should be so damn early !!). As the daylight started to engulf us, we started to see dark clouds on the horizon (no big deal, we’ve been in MD for the last 10 years – dark clouds don’t bother us at all).

After a few miles getting through the city (we were in heavy traffic, I tell ya) we got into a rough part of the highway because of a 3 car accident. All the traffic was at a standstill for the most part. All of a sudden, folks who were passing us (slow as snails) were honking and pointing to our RV at mid-ships level. Lisa looked back and said quite distressingly “the damn trailer door is open and swinging !!!). Okay – it takes quite a bit to set me off but this one was a capper – in traffic, not moving, no where to maneuver to but I had to get to the side of the road, stop the truck, do some damage control on the door, then get back in and get back over (3 lanes worth) to my exit (1/4 mile away). I think I actually made up a curse word and started in sweat pump mode. Turned on the turn signal and started edging over to the break down lane. That wasn’t so bad, a lot of folks let me back over (great!!). Okay, now we’re looking at the door and I’m kicking myself. It seemed that the lower door hinge was what came in contact with (you guessed it) the fence I tore down yesterday at my Dads ranch. So it was my fault and I couldn’t blame it on anybody but myself. So we slammed the door and Lisa used some tie ties to ensure it stayed shut. No time to loose, we got back in the truck and turned on the other turn signal. Okay, now the folks were not being so nice – it turned out that the truckers were the ones who let us back over. We made it with less than a few yards before we had to make the turn.

Anyways, we were talking bit later and the radio was on low in the background. All of a sudden, we heard the emergency broadcast signal and we turned it up for a listen. It turned out that they were calling for a Tornado Warning within the corridor we were to be traveling (even told us the worse parts would be within mile marker 58 – mile marker 68. That was our path for the morning. Well, the radio said since the devastating Tornadoes of last week were so ingrained in the locals mind, that everyone should take immediate shelter. Lisa and I didn’t really know where to go, so we went to the closest Rest Area (about two miles up the road) to wait out the storm. We waited there for about 15 minutes when I saw all the workers for that site get into their cars and hit the road, that’s all it took for me. I grabbed Lisa and took Puddin (the cat can fend for herself) back to the truck where we got in and hauled you know what for mile marker 56. We started from mile marker 77 and sure enough, when we got closer to mile marker 68, the skies opened up and we were driving in a rain type white out. Since the 5th wheel has a set of lights on top and on the bottom most of the cars did not pass us but instead used us as a beacon (I guess) so they could see something ahead of them. Four hours later we pulled into a Luvs gas station to fill up and get out of the rain. I bought a CB radio that had NOAA channels (which I will install tomorrow).

Then it was back to the road for another 3 hours of driving through thick rain until we got to our destination outside of Oklahoma City. I pray that Lisa will let me get more shut eye tonight as I am really beat. Once we arrived, we had to maneuver through a maze of trees and blacktop (we got the very last spot). It was wild !! I set up camp and Lisa made a delicious steak dinner for the both of us. As far as the pictures go, I am going to have to ask the administrator for some assistance as I cannot get those puppies to show up.

So that was pretty much our day today – great adventure and we came out unscathed. Tomorrow will bring another adventure, I’m sure.

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23 April 2011

Today was great !  The drive to Tennesee was quite easy.  The truck worked fine and we had an easy trip.  Adjusted our schedules for a nap before we made camp.  Still working on pictures for all these events.  Lisa and I set up camp and had a nice afternoon with some hand made drinks with Tequila (they were sooo good).  Puddin was in heaven cause the KOA we stopped at had a beautiful dog run.  I think  he actually strained his nose sniffing every inch of that run.  So we played with the frisbee until he got tired.  Then we went back to the RV and just lounged about the rest of the day.  The mountains were beautiful as we were coming across from SC and we took many pictures (as I said, I’m still trying to get these pictures on-line).

We were in bed early (about 9ish) and enjoyed a quite nite in the country.

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